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I figure either someone I know, or a friend of someone I know, might be able to help me out ... I'd like to photograph my new knitting design in it's natural habitat :). The project is a lacy aviator scarf, in two versions. I'm done with the first (lacier) version -- see photo below. The other (sturdier) version will be done in about a week.

My sketch of the design shows what I'd like for the photo shoot -- perfect world, a woman, in a bomber jacket, with an aviator helmet and goggles. Not willing to be photographed, but willing to loan props?  Still awesome.

I should say up front, this is NOT a professional operation -- the photographer will likely be myself or a photographer friend (to whom I'm trading knitting for her time and skills), and we'll be outdoors somewhere (I'm thinking of a windswept beach).  In payment, I can offer the model/prop owner some knitting, possibly even one of the sample scarves, if you like them.  (They go to the knitting company first, but they'll come back to me in a month or two and can be gifted then.)

Timeline: very tight. I want to do this in the next two weeks.  Must be near-ish to Boston.

So .. any leads, anyone?

1306 aviator scarf (lace weight) aviator scarf sketch


Jan. 2nd, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
That blocked wonderfully! It is amazing what blocking will do to lace. Just amazing.