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Knitting: 52 projects in 52 weeks (2010-2011)

At the invitation of a friend, I have decided to join Ravelry's "52 in 52" group**. In a nutshell, group members try to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks, running from June 1st of 2010 to May 31st of 2011.  The goal is to encourage completion of projects (rather than starting lots of projects and abandoning them) as well as learning new skills and using up stash. The definition of a "project" is rather loose -- basically, it's anything a member wants.

For my purposes, I'm going to designate four projects at the beginning of each month, meeting the following criteria:
  • one pair of socks
  • one item from my new Knitted Amigurumi book
  • one "rescue" project that has been neglected (possibly broken down into smaller chunks)
  • one other project, ideally from my ravelry queue that I have already bought yarn for (or can make from stash)
I'm also going to try to do some of the 52in52 challenges.  Specifically, I think these would be do-able:

#1 Finish an OLD UFO--a project started prior to 2008 (50 points)  (I'm thinking of that long-hibernating Northern Lights Jacket)

#2 Finish a new UFO (25 points) (should be easy -- I have 11 "in progress" projects, not counting hibernating projects)

#5 Six Pairs of Socks during the course of the year (60 points) (love socks)

#7 Five projects entirely from stash accumulated prior to June, 2010 (50 points) (can socks count??)

#9 A handmade toy a month (120 points) (can you say, amigurumi?)

#11 A pattern from your favorites (using your stash for bonus points) (25 points) (my favorites list is 343 items long!)

Anyway, without further ado, here is my 25 in 25 52 in 52 list for June 2010:
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** Thinking about joining? You should totally do it.