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Agility Pre-Show Notes: All Dogs Trial (Feb 7-8)

This weekend Gromit and I head out to our 2nd agility trial!  It's a CPE trial, hosted at All Dogs Gym in NH; runs start at 8 AM and go until they're over, usually 4-ish (on the off chance that anyone wants to come watch).   Here's our class order for the weekend:

Standard (Level 1)Standard (Level 1)
Snooker (Level 2)Colors (Level 1)
FullHouse (Level 2)Wildcard (Level 1)
Jumpers (Level 1)Jackpot (Level 1)

Because I chose to start at the very beginning (Level 1) and because CPE is full of positive reinforcement for people, there is a lot of potential for me to earn special titles (and thus special ribbons) this weekend.  In Level 1, we only need 2 qualifying runs (Q's) in the Standard class, and only 1 Q in the six different games.  The six games are grouped into three pairs, and each pair has a title.  Because Gromit and I already have a few Q's under our belt (woo!) -- what we need for titles is summarized below:

TitleCategoryRequirementsGromit Needs
CL1-RStandard2 Standard Q's2 Q's
CL1-HHandler1 Q each: Colors and Wildcard1 Colors Q, 1 Wildcard Q
CL1-SStrategy1 Q each: Snooker and Jackpot1 Jackpot Q
CL1-FFun1 Q each: FullHouse and Jumpers1 Jumpers Q

Theoretically, we could achieve all four titles this weekend, and thus also each the "CL1" general title.  That would be sweet!

Realistically, that's unlikely to happen, of course.

But, there's a good chance of a Q or two, and if they happen in the right spots -- that could mean a title. Woo!

For Saturday, the key run is the Jumpers run.  If we Q there, we get the CL1-F (for "FUN") title.  Wish us luck!